Tax Planning for Small to Mid-Size Businesses

Strategic tax planning and tax compliance are key components to successful businesses. At CK Tax Services LLC, we use our technical expertise and understanding of our clients’ industries and businesses to develop tax planning solutions for our clients. CK Tax Services LLC provides comprehensive tax services to C-Corporations, S-Corporations, Partnerships, and disregarded entities. Our services include tax planning and analysis; federal, state, and local income tax preparation; choice of entity planning; merger and acquisition services including maximizing after-tax cash flow on liquidity events; and similar related business tax services.

Unlike most tax compliance professionals, CK Tax Services LLC has extensive experience tailored to small to mid-size businesses with their international tax structuring, planning, and compliance. Our international tax planning and compliance services include inbound tax planning, outbound tax planning, global intangible low-taxed income (GILTI) tax planning; subpart F tax planning, passive foreign investment company tax planning (PFIC), review of prior repatriation tax calculations, tax strategies to minimize global tax exposure, foreign tax credit optimization, and tax treaty consulting. From our experience, entrepreneurs and emerging multinationals do not receive the same level of services with international taxation as large publicly traded companies leading to mistakes on their tax planning and tax compliance, typically leading to overpayment of taxes or exposure to large penalties. International tax is heavily driven by legal positions, thus having experienced international tax attorneys supervise and coordinate the tax compliances leads to optimal results for clients.

For our closely held business clients, our services provide them with the full range of tax services by integrating the business tax planning, with individual tax planning, and coordinating everything with the owner’s estate planning objectives. This streamlines the process from the legal document drafting and opinion letters, to carrying out the objectives with their tax filings.