Tax Services for Executives and High-Net-Worth Individuals

CK Tax Services LLC has extensive experience serving executives, high-net-worth individuals, their families, family offices, athletes, entertainers, as well as other individuals with complicated tax and financial structures. Our approach is to listen and work closely with our clients to understand their unique goals, then create a strategic plan tailored to each client and their family’s specific goals.

Our private client service practice is experienced in all aspects of estate, income, gift, and trust tax consulting and compliance; charitable giving and philanthropic foundations; executive compensation; and cash-flow, retirement, and life insurance planning. With their legal background, our tax professionals have not only created the legal documents to implement the planning but have extensive experience properly reporting and carrying out the planning objectives on our clients’ tax filings.

Current knowledge of tax rules, compensation reporting, and other employment-related issues for mobile executives and employees is critical to minimizing employment related tax and compliance burdens. Our professionals have extensive experience with cross-border tax issues understanding both the compliance requirements and planning opportunities. CK Tax Services LLC possesses extensive experience with tax, immigration, and employment issues for mobile executives and employees, along with effective tax planning and preparation services. Our experience is crucial for global executives and employees to minimize their tax burden and remain tax compliant.

On several occasions, our team has reviewed the prior tax filings of mobile executives and employees that were prepared as part of their employment package by another tax professional firm, and uncovered tax planning opportunities overlooked, international informational filings omitted leaving the client potentially exposed to significant penalties, and overpayment of taxes, resulting in these clients amending their tax filings for several years to resolve the issues. It is in this area that we find it critical to have the legal knowledge to properly provide tax planning advice and prepare the mobile executives and employees tax filings.