CK Tax Services

The CK Tax team

provides customized tax services tailored to small to mid-size businesses, executives, high net worth individuals, international clients, athletes and entertainers, and trusts and estates. For these clients, it has been our experience there is a gap between the tax planning provided by an attorney or other professional and the proper reporting of the tax planning strategy on the tax return, which wastes the tax planning opportunity.

Seeing errors, missed opportunities, and often amending the tax returns

prepared by other professionals in these areas, CK Tax’s approach is to have highly skilled tax attorneys and professionals fill this gap between the tax planning and the implementation on the tax return. Our professionals have: advanced degrees such as Master of Laws in Taxation; taught corporate and partnership tax to Master of Accounting students who are recruited by the big firms; frequent speakers on corporate and partnership tax, mergers and acquisitions, international tax, estate planning, and international estate planning; and authored published articles in these areas.

Our tax services

Our tax services are heavily coordinated with our parent law firm, which provides for optimal results for our clients. Not only do our professionals have advanced knowledge in tax planning, but they also utilize their skills to carry out the tax planning on the tax returns.

CK Tax often works closely with law firms

CK Tax often works closely with law firms, U.S. CPA firms, foreign CPA firms, and wealth advisors as the trusted tax advisor for their clients. Our professional network extends all over the world and we believe our professional network to be of the upmost importance in providing the best services for our clients.

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